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Learn how TelecomBilling.Net incorporates your every day business tasks such as billing and working with customers, distributors and suppliers.

Your CDR Telecom billing portal is able to bill any kind of products and services not just Telecom assets. Data entry for these is typically done as follows:

  • CDR-based voice services (e.g., VoIP, PSTN, mobile,…):
    • Price lists are entered via the ‘Price lists’ page but accessed via the ‘Price lists details’ page under the Data menu.
    • To edit rates in a price list, go to the ‘Price lists details’ page directly or go to the ‘Price lists’ page and select a list in the table and click ‘Display’. Once in ‘Price lists details’, select a list in the drop-down menu at bottom of page, click ‘Display’ and the list shows in the main table. Select the one or more lines you need to edit and click ‘Modify’. You can also narrow down the lines you wish to work with by doing a global search via the search box at top right-hand corner of table or do a search on each column and hit the enter key.
    • Under the ‘Controls’ tab a few options are given to help you speed fill values for call types on selected lines or multiplier or uplift globally for all selected lines.
  • CDR-based recurrent services (e.g., LDR, WLR services, line access and rental,…):
    This type of service is similar to the subscriptions but is based on CDR data as some providers may use and send the details of certain recurrent services in CDR data.
    Editing rates is done the same way as for voice price lists.
  • Packages (e.g., unlimited national calls plan, ADSL, leased data lines, WiMax,…). In your CDR Telecom billing portal, you need first to identify what are called general packages and then associate a package with a customer, by going to their account. Go to general packages via the ‘Assets’ menu. Go to customer packages from inside a customer account by going to ‘Subscriptions and Packages’ in the menu at top righ-hand corner of their page. once on the page, click ‘Add’. Retrieve general packages from the ‘Item type’ drop-down box at top of form. Write one or more characters to show matching values. Once added to the main table, select the package and click ‘Associated SNs’ to link a customer’s service numbers (SNs) with it. Packages can be designed by literally including any product or service available inside your business: build packages and include a voice component, data parameters, any DDI/DID, other general subscriptions , SIMs or items from inventory.
    • The voice part of packages are built using call types and can be based on a certain number of minutes, number of calls or cost of calls given as part of a price bundle Click to open.
    • Data part of packages: This part of a package is built by defining the bytes usage for downloaded and uploaded traffic by the user Click to open.
    • Subscriptions (recurring service charges of any kind): Include any general subscription as part of your package Click to open.
    • DDIs/DIDs: Add one or more DDI/DIDs to your package Click to open.
    • SIM numbers/cards: Enable customers to benefit from accessing SIM numbers or cards within the same package Click to open.
    • Goods sold from inventory: Include as many items from your inventory to the package as are neededClick to open.

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