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Demo Limitations

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Find out more about the limitations built into the TelecomBilling.Net demo trial period.

Dynasoft TelecomBilling.Net’s demo offers the ability to perform a number of tasks that illustrate what the portal is capable of doing in terms of billing your Telecoms users. For instance, to run your first invoice using the installed sample data, please go to this section.

For a better round up of how our systems can meet your billing needs, please get in touch with us for a free live demo with one of our staff: Get in touch with us through our live chat or by email.

The limitations included in the trial demo of your CDR Telecom billing and Cloud portal are given below. All tasks in section ‘How to Perform Certain Tasks’ are not affected by these limitations.

  • General:
    • 1 GB disk space
    • Expires after 60 days
    • One invoice template
    • MySQL only
    • No access to the database
  • Customers:
    • Limited to 5 customers
    • Limited to 20 Service Numbers
    • Limited to 5 subscriptions or packages
  • CDR sources:
    • Limited to 3 sources (eg: 1 text, 1 database and 1 webhook source)
  • CDR formats:
    • Limited to 3 CDR formats (e.g.: 1 voice, 1 data or 1 services format)
  • Billing page:
    • Limited to 3 consecutive days of billing
  • Export to CSV and HTML of data in pages:
    • Limited to selected rows only
  • LCR lists:
    • Creation of lists limited to 40 countries
  • Some of the tools such as the retrieval of CDR data, back-up, retrieval of CDR data via FTP and messaging are disabled
  • The size of files uploaded is limited to 10MB

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