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Telecom billing solution


We work closely with our customers to ensure our Telecom billing solution meets their expectations and all functionality will directly translate in value-added for our users. Our systems are already used by numerous carriers around the world on all continents. Here are some testimonials we have received recently:


“We recently purchased Dynasoft’s Telecom billing platform. I recommend using their support and training services in order to understand the full workings of the system. Their system has all the billing requirements we need and works very well. We are happy with the product.” Telekomm Solutions, UK, http://www.telekommsolutions.co.uk


“I am just writing today to let everyone know how extremely happy we are with Dynasoft’s system. Dynasoft have been so helpful and have given pointers, hints and tips along the way. We have been working with Dynasoft for around 12 months and are getting to grips with the software and it is, slowly whilst we migrate data, helping speed up our billing runs. I’m sure this will be a long-standing relationship between IT Kept Simple and Dynasoft. After looking at other billing platforms, we can honestly say their system does more and is bundled into a very professional looking software. There is a learning curve as with all software but thanks to Dynasoft that curve has been straightened out a number of times to make the road ahead easier. I urge anyone who is thinking about a new Telecom billing solution, in particular those in the IT Industry who might be operating in the Telecoms sector to look at their system.” Johnathan J., ITKeptSimple, UK


“We decided to move most of our customer base to Dynasoft’s Telecom billing solution. Because of Dynasoft’s proactive approach and commitment to deliver, CommSys has built up enormous confidence in Dynasoft, and their capabilities. Let me assure anyone that CommSys spent considerable time evaluating a number of billing system products available, and Dynasoft continually came out on top.” CommSys, Australia, http://www.commsys.com.au


“Can I congratulate Dynasoft for creating such a comprehensive Telecom billing solution. The product has obviously been carefully and thoughtfully designed and the functionality is very impressive.”
Incontro, Italy, http://www.incontro.net


“Dynasoft’s software has been rock solid: Everything has been going perfect over recent months with it.”
Jason B., New Zealand


“We are very happy with Dynasoft. It is doing all that we need at present and is reasonably easy to administer.”
Vaughn P., New Zealand


“Dynasoft has always been there when we needed them: we needed SAGE development, they delivered; we needed some advice with understanding some of the system’s features, they replied back; we asked for changes to be made in the software, they attended us. And to this day, they regularly get back to us to make sure everything is going well with their software.”
Serge G., Canada


“I recently purchased this system from Dynasoft and I am pleased with it. The system can be hard to understand for a novice but if you have worked in the Telecom industry, their software has most of the functionality you will ever need. You definitely need to take all the support and training they provide as this will help implement it quickly. Dynasoft are fairly proactive as we get offers of help regularly to ensure we get the most out of the system.”
John Andrews, UK

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