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We offer the following unique benefits over any other Telecom CDR billing software system:

 Low cost: The cost of our solution is only GBP79 (USD99 – EUR89) a month for the use of the billing and Customer Care Web Access applications along with general support*, all on an unlimited basis. There is also no minimum contract period as you can cancel at any time by giving us a month’s notice. All users enjoy 25GB of free disk space for their data. We charge a small additional fee every month for any excess disk usage of GBP0.50 per month per GB. Finally, there is a small fee for add-ons. Those are the only fees we charge for the every day use of our system.

 Unlimited billing: Support when it comes to Telecom billing is vital as getting the right (or wrong) billing partner can impact finances substantially. Only with us do you get true unlimited billing for life: bill as many customers, CDRs or service charges as you need and send us as many general support* requests as you require. No limit.

 Local support: Because we sell our system on all 6 continents we have managed to build a system that is truly universal. We are also able to offer local support in many cases thanks to an extensive network of resellers world-wide.

 Unlimited support and free software development: Our support service includes unlimited general support* which extends to support of our systems not just on our own servers but also on the customer’s own systems. Our software support is also unique in that we offer free limited software development should you have the need for a change in the software or a new feature.

 Own language added free of charge: Our Telecom CDR billing software system already supports English, French, Spanish, German and Italian. However, your own language will be supported in the software at no extra cost.

Maximum flexibility: TelecomBilling.Net is able to bill virtually anything from service charges, voice calls, data services, recurrent services whether based on text files, in any database and on any web page, all in real time. It is truly universal as it is able to bill 99% of CDR formats out there as standard without us having to change anything in the application. TelecomBilling.Net supports MySQL but our Desktop version called TeleFactura supports three database systems: Microsoft Access or enterprise-grade MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server. Virtually everything in our Telecom CDR billing software system can be customised and you will have your own stand-alone set of applications and full access to your database, source files of all Web portals, invoice templates and reporting files. Finally, the application has a built-in query builder which can be used to create any number of email alerts and bespoke reports.

 Full ownership of your data, data-protection and security guaranteed: We offer a Desktop alternative to our cloud system which means all applications can be hosted by you. You will therefore have complete ownership of your data and also be compliant with any potential data protection laws that might exist in your country. Alternatively, use our Cloud applications from our default locations or send us a request to study hosting everything with a hosting provider local to your area. More on this topic can be found here.

 Unique software add-ons: We have made the integration of third party applications one of our strong points. Our Telecom billing solutions are the only ones integrated with the following: built-in help-desk and ticketing system for your customers, Sage Accounts, Xero, TekRadius, Radius Manager, GlobalPay, Paypal, Skrill, SagePay and Authorize.net. We are open to developing tailor-made versions of our systems and integrating any additional third party system into any of our applications (Payment system, CRM, CMS, softswitch, PBX,…).

 Get things done fast and easily: With speeds of up to 9,000,000 CDRs an hour you’ll be spending more time doing other things than billing your customers. Activation only takes a moment. Your customers and resellers have access to their own Web portal. A set of default data is included and a quick start Guide is there to help you get started fast. A detailed manual is also available to help you along the way.

 Latest technologies: TeleFactura uses multithreaded Microsoft .Net C# assemblies for all billing, tools, SEPA and accounts functionality. It is also the only system that you can use with either SQL Server, MySQL or MS Access. TelecomBilling.Net was built using Microsoft aSP.NET MVC technologies and uses MySQL databases as backends.

 Over twenty years’ experience: We can help you tap into over 20 years of experience that we have gained in the Telecom billing market in over 40 countries. You may read recent testimonials that we have received about our company here from our values customers.

*Please check our SLA for more on our support service.