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Telecom online billing software system


Detailed breakdown of all billing and reporting features of TelecomBilling.Net:

Manage your rate sheets, plans and rate cards easily

  • Data services:
    • Specify the maximum usage allowed in bytes
    • Set the cost of a data plan
    • Set the increments for excess usage and their costs
    • Set the download-to-upload ratio
    • Determine how often these plans run: daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly, one-off or one-time with every invoice
  • Recurrent services (e.g. BT WLR):
    • Specify the unit cost of a service, or
    • Set the margin that should be applied to the cost price of a plan
    • For BT WLR, indicate what the service codes (LTR, CBA, RSL, VLC…) and plans (UK300, UK500…) are for each price list/rate card and link each customer’s phone number with a list
    • Full set of default BT WLR codes and plans are included with the application
  • Voice services:
    • Support is given to up to 21 standard types of call costs (peak, off-peak, weekend, maximum cost, minimum cost, …) with the ability to create your own cost types
    • Support for pulse-code modulation and call duration billing
    • Our Telecom online billing software system organises rate sheets using what are called dialling codes and call types. Call types can be used to rate calls instead of dialling codes. They also make it easy to manage all voice lists in the application, set the times when peak and off-peak rates start and end,…
    • Apply percentage margins to the cost of calls instead of rates by country
    • Specify if calls are billed per second, every 5 seconds,…
    • Set if per minute call costs are applied with the first second of a call or after 10, 20 or more seconds
    • Determine the number of seconds your publicised rates apply to (60 seconds,…)
    • For rate sheets that do not have ITU-compatible Geographical Area Codes, your Telecom online billing software system can add these automatically thanks to a set of ITU-compatible master rate cards built into the application. Other master rate cards can be added easily. Alternatively calls can be rated using call types picked out straight from the CDRs.
  • Easily search for the lines you need by selecting lines in your rate cards based on search criteria
  • Set discounts for everything that you sell through TelecomBilling.Net.
  • Set distributor commissions for everything that you sell through your Telecom online billing software system
  • Easily modify the content of every line by applying actions such as search and replace, search and add to beginning or end, delete line,…
  • Convert your lists to a csv file or publish them on a web site in HTML format
  • Rate cards can be created globally for all customers or individually for each customer

Organise all your customers, distributors and suppliers in a convenient way

  • Customers:
    • Add, remove, or modify contact details (name, address,…)
    • Enter shipping information
    • Enter emergency services information
    • Voice DDI/DID/CLI and ANI: allocate service numbers and/or account codes with customers; associate each number or range of numbers with a start and end date, a CDR type, a sales or cost rate card, DDI type, and department and branch for cost centre billing
    • Regular expressions can be used in lieu of any customer voice/data and service number in cases where the number needs to be extracted from complex series of characters
    • Data and recurrent services Service Numbers: associate each number with a start and end date, a CDR type and a sales or cost rate card
    • Built-in customer referral system: Get your customers to refer other customers so they can obtain discounts that are then deducted from their invoices
    • Set how invoices are built: show itemised or summarised invoice; show each section of an invoice as one file or in separate files, show 10 statistics and graphs (calls by time of day, day of week,…), show a payment slip, show a cost centre section that organises cost items by customer’s department or branch
    • Sort all of the invoice’s sections based on certain filters like call group, CDR type, destination called,… This applies to summary and itemised parts of the invoices and for voice/data, services or the subscriptions.
    • Set the file format of their invoices: XML, HTML, PDF, XLS, WORD, or CSV
    • Twelve different invoices design templates are included as standard
    • All invoices and reports files are fully customisable as we provide the source RPT files
    • Set all texts, pictures, logos, colours and fonts of the invoice templates
    • Set a covering page for the invoices which can be used to create announcements, place adverts,…
    • Enter bank, Direct Debit and credit card details
    • Determine the number of seconds your publicised rates apply to (60 seconds, …)
    • Keep track of all transactions and financial operations (invoices, payments by and to the customer, charge-backs, top-ups,…)
    • Receive and/or send e-mail alerts whenever they go over their credit limit or over the number of calls set in their voice/data packages
    • Manage Friends and Family numbers customers can include in their voice/data packages
    • Point of Sale (POS) for entering sales to your customers via the subscriptions
    • Extended notes screen to help manage and track the internal sales and communications processes with your customers
    • Search all outstanding invoices, account top-ups, payments received, discounts owed and check for any outstanding balance still owed
  • Distributors:
    • Add, remove, or modify contact details (name, address,…)
    • Three levels of distributors can be created
    • Keep track of all transactions and financial operations with all distributors (invoices, payments by and to the distributor, charge-backs, top-ups,…)
    • Link your customers with distributors, build complex commission structures for your distributors and manage all commissions due with powerful search features
    • Make more money thanks to our Telecom online billing software system’s branded billing: TelecomBilling.Net enables you to get your distributors to out-source their billing to you.
  • Suppliers (i.e., carriers, operators, goods suppliers and service providers):
    • Add, remove, or modify contact details (name, address,…)
    • Keep track of all transactions and financial operations with all suppliers (invoices, payments by and to the supplier, charge-backs, top-ups,…)
    • Enter voice/data and BT WLR-type recurrent services CDR formats and format types through the use of easy-to-follow wizards. CDR data can be text file-based (Colt,…), located in multiple databases (Asterisk,…) or based on HTTP requests (Web pages).
    • Full support for inbound / oubound, A ingress and B egress leg traffic. Invoices show itemised inbound and outbound traffic separately.
    • Support for single, daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly data and recurrent services.
    • Clean up CDR files by removing problem characters easily.
    • Create exportable documents, on the fly, for all transactions (invoices, credit notes,…) and for all your customers, distributors and suppliers

Billing is done effortlessly

  • Our Telecom online billing software system offer an easy-to-use way to bill users:
    • Simply use a play button to start bill and a stop button to stop or pause the process: The entire billing process is done in a completely automated way, from CDRs that are downloaded from your supplier, calls are then found and rated, invoices are sent by e-mail, and the billing data is then published on the Web for access by your customers, all in a couple of clicks and in real time.
    • With the processed data, open, save or print each customer’s fully itemised or summarised invoice using any one of 6 available formats (XML, HTML, PDF, XLS, WORD, or CSV).
    • Show statistics, graphs, customer cost centres, line summary, cost summary and payment slip on invoices.
    • The handling of this process can be performed individually for one customer or, unmanned, for your entire customer database
    • Customer invoices can be sent by e-mail automatically once the billing process is completed
    • TelecomBilling.Net is designed for speed as it can handle up to 9,000,000 CDRs an hour and is fully multi-threaded
    • Manage all your CDR data instantly for voice/data and recurrent services (BT WLR,…)
    • SEPA-compliant
    • Generate a billing file with each bill run and design it from dozens of available fields
  • During billing, the application ensures that:
    • The latest CDR files have been downloaded
    • No calls are left unbilled as it can save any unrated calls for later checking and re-rating
    • Duplicate calls, services or data items are removed
    • Works out rate cards are correctly configured and data is consistent before it starts a bill run
    • It can include in the bill run any calls that it finds that are older than the billing cycle being run
    • All errors are written to a log file
    • All data billed can be saved to a large CSV files
    • See graph that shows voice and recurrent services billing as it is done in real-time

Granulate your configuration very precisely to match your market conditions exactly

  • Configuration screen has close to 130 different options to help you match your market conditions as closely as possible
  • Contacts screens have close to 60 different options to help you fine tune how contacts are managed and billed
  • Most important settings can be set globally for all your customers, distributors and suppliers or overridden via each contact’s account.

Keep a close eye on all your company’s activity

  • Inventory Management: Define an unlimited number of items in the inventory and track all transactions and quantities bought, sold, still in stock and from which supplier the items were bought and to which customer they were sold. Specify individual receivable and revenue for each item. Items rented out to a customer, can be returned to the inventory when an item’s deactivation date with the customer has been reached.
  • Unlimited number of Rating Plans / Bundles can be created, mixing any combination of destinations , number of minutes, number of calls, cost of plan and recurrence (one time, daily, … yearly). Data plans are also supported for broadband, Wimax and Wireless networks.
  • Any type of item can be added to your customer’s invoices, not just voice/data or service items. Full-period, pro-rated or advanced billing supported.
  • Management of DDI/DIDs and SIMs: An inventory table of all your DDIs and SIMs is accessible inside each customer’s account. When numbers are deleted or reach their deactivation dates, these are then reinstated in the inventory of available DDIs and SIMs.

Powerful set of tools

  • Full reporting and account reconciliation tools enabling invoice verification, revenue leak detection and quality of service (QoS) analyses: easily keep track of your costs, profits, Quality of Service parameters (ASR, NER, FAS,…) and all financials thanks to over 500 reports built into our Telecom online billing software system. An infinite number of reports can be further created using the SQL builder tool. All reports include tens of filters that can be used to fine-tune the results that need to be displayed. Organise reports by day, week, month, quarter, year, customer, provider, type of service, CDR format, DDIs/Service Numbers, referring customer, distributor, country code, alphanumerically, from highest group total to lowest etc… Examples of reports offered include:
    • Business overview page giving vital statistics about your business, such as: the number of invoices paid vs. invoices issued as a graph, profit as a graph for the last 3 months, turnover as a graph for the last 3 months, total number of unrated cdr files, total number of cdr lines rated, …
    • Usage reports
    • Revenue and profit reports
    • Commissions reports
    • Quality of service reports
    • Accounts receivable ageing reports
    • Transactions statements reports
    • Subscriptions, packages and DDIs billed reconciliation reports
    • Subscriptions, packages billed reconciliation reports
    • Billed voice DDIs reconciliation reports
    • Full set of Inventory reports: End of period, summary and customer assigned reports
    • Full set of tax reports: sub-totals, tax totals and gross totals for the period
  • Back-up of all the application’s data via FTP or disk, manually or automatically
  • Replication of TelecomBilling.Net’s local database with your web site’s live database
  • Create LCR (Least Cost Routing) voice rate cards with advanced options that enable you to identify the best mix of destination vs. cost between any numbers of voice rate sheets
  • Provisioning functionality with suppliers and distributors via networked data source or e-mail (DDI management,…)
  • Automatic retrieving and unzipping of your carrier’s CDR, UDR and SMDR files from an FTP, SFTP or FTPS server
  • Advanced SQL builder utility included which enables the user to build SQL queries and views or select tables and fields directly for export by point and click. With this utility, it is also possible to create alerts where if data is returned by the query, an alert is then sent to any mailbox or shown the next time the admin logs into the application.
  • Built-in FTP client similar to FileZilla
  • Built-in Web browser which can pre-load certain URLs that are linked to authorised users of your Telecom online billing software system
  • Configure your SMTP server for all messaging tasks. These tasks include:
    • Sending out invoices to your customers
    • E-mail alerts created with the built-in SQL builder
    • Customer credit alerts
    • Voice/data packages alerts
    • Resend invoices that are still unpaid to the customers
    • Mediation: convert CDR formats that are non-standard into ones TelecomBilling.Net understands
  • Other tools include:
    • Import and export data easily and quickly using an advanced set of wizards and tools

Security, data protection and privacy guaranteed

  • All sensitive data such as passwords that can potentially be accessed by users are encrypted
  • All applications have been developed with the best programming practises in mind to avoid things like SQL injection,…
  • Our Desktop version called Dynasoft TeleFactura can be hosted by you. You will therefore be compliant with any potential data protection laws that might exist in your country. Alternatively, use our Cloud-based application, Dynasoft TelecomBilling.Net.

Maximum flexibility

Virtually everything in our Telecom online billing software system can be customised: full access to the database is given, source files of invoice templates and reporting files are also given.

Data rebuild tools to ensure consistency and accuracy of your data at all times

  • Ensure all invoices are consistent with a customer’s set of transactions
  • Rebuild the customers’ DDIs and SIMs
  • Reset the record locking to unlock any data that was locked if more than one user accesses the system
  • Associate all of a customer’s phone numbers with all of their service charges and package to avoid any orphaned phone number.

Additional features

  • Support for multiple sales taxes
  • Support local-to-local calls
  • Free calls can be set up using in 6 different ways (same network free calls, as part of voice plans, via customer groups,…)
  • Support for multi-currency
  • Enter the details for a possible online payment gateway service like Paypal on the customer’s invoices
  • Enter MYOB accountancy software account details in the configuration
  • Let the software generate its own numbers for invoices, customer numbers,… or set these manually
  • Create originals and copies of invoices and set a separate numbering system for these
  • Set the date when invoices will be debited by Direct Debit
  • Easily delete old voice/data billing records from the database
  • Set minimum cost of a call to show in the itemised part of the customers’ invoices
  • Set the names of the categories of products and services your company sells: ‘voice services’, ‘data services’,…
  • Included are many pre-written SQL queries to help you keep a tight control over what TelecomBilling.Net is doing: ensure invoices are created if data exists, report on any major discrepancy in the invoices of customers from one month to another, etc…
  • Support for prepaid billing and user access control (Radius AAA add-on with TeleFactura only)
  • Customer groups: create customer groups and give out free calls or calls at reduced rates depending on whether calls are placed to other members of the same group
  • TeleFactura supports three database systems: Microsoft Access or enterprise-grade MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server. TelecomBilling.Net supports only MySQL for the time being.
  • Powerful multi-lingual Web Access portal comes as standard giving customers and distributors access via the Web to their account details, current balance, transactions, invoices, rate cards, a set of graphs and statistics and to search tools for all voice/data and service items. All search result sets can be downloaded to a CSV file.
  • Our Telecom online billing software system supports French, German, Spanish, Italian, English for the application as a whole and Norwegian and Hungarian for the invoice templates only. We will however include your language free of charge with our support service.
  • Full documentation, help manuals and user guides in English and French
  • And numerous other features offered

Unlimited support as standard

  • Our standard support service enables our clients to submit change or feature requests. These are often included free of charge subsequently in minor upgrades. It also includes unlimited support by e-mail, remote access or phone, and access to all software updates. Support service is subject to our General Support SLA available here.

Optional add-ons

  • Accounting integration with Sage Accounts UK and Canada and Xero
  • Help-desk ticketing system for customers and distributors (coming soon)
  • Online payment portal that enables your customers to purchase your products and services and settle invoices via GlobalPay, Paypal, Skrill, SagePay, Stripe and Authorize.net (coming soon)
  • While labelling
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