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Take your Telecom and CDR billing to the next level

Representing the culmination of 20 years presence in the Telecom and ISP billing market, our Telecoms, ISP and CDR/SMDR Cloud-based billing platform offers easy, feature-rich, secure, access anytime, leading-edge billing and accountancy

About us

Power up your billing
About TelecomBilling.Net

Dynasoft is a UK-based ICT service operator specialising in architecting solutions that empower businesses with competitive, innovative and global solutions. Our business philosophy is to ensure proximity to the end-client together with solutions that truly translate into added value for businesses.

TelecomBilling.Net is the definitive convergent OSS BSS Telecom and ISP billing and accountancy Cloud application. Truly universal, our modern and intuitive solution can be used for voice, VoIP, mobile MVNO, data and ISP billing, call accounting and rating, data mediation, provisioning, account reconciliation and Telecoms auditing. It is ideally suited to any company needing a full-featured solution to manage their voice and data users in real time.

Leverage our approach and power up your Telecom or ISP business today.

Support for Sage UK and Canada
Support for Xero
Support for PayPal
Support for Stripe
Support for MySQL
Our services

What we can do for you

Outsourced billing

Worried that Telecom/ISP billing and mediation might use up too many of your company’s resources? Let Dynasoft take over the complexities of voice and data billing out and execute all your billing needs. We will: (1) obtain CDR/SMDRs from your switch(es) and carrier(s); (2) import all CDR/SMDRs into your own portal account; (3) obtain your latest customer data from you; (4) process your CDR/SMDRs according to your tariffs and policies; (5) prepare and publish your customers’ itemised call statements and invoices.


Cloud portal

Take your business with you on the go with your very own access-anytime account. Bill any number of customers, CDR/SMDRs, CDR/SMDR formats, manage any number of distributors and providers, email all your contacts, create any number of user accounts easily and quickly, all without limitations. Thousands of features and functionality will ensure your needs are as closely met as possible. You will only be limited by the disk allowance set for your account, nothing more. Or alternatively, use our Desktop version which offers the exact same features.

Guarantee of Quality

Thousands of hours have gone into all our products so that all our customers, even those who use our demos benefit from unlimited general support. We provide extensive documentation in our knowledge base, which includes a 100+-page manual, guides and videos, etc, all aimed at facilitating the quick and easy use of our systems.

Pricing plans for Telecom/ISP billing

Gold Account
  • Free 60-day demo (500MB HDD)
  • Unlimited billing
  • Unlimited CDR/SMDR formats
  • Unlimited CDR/SMDR sources
  • Unlimited contacts
  • Unlimited SMTP messaging
  • Unlimited general support
  • 10 GB Cloud disk space
  • All optional add-ons
Silver Account
  • Free 60-day demo (500MB HDD)
  • Unlimited billing
  • Unlimited CDR/SMDR formats
  • Unlimited CDR/SMDR sources
  • Unlimited contacts
  • Unlimited SMTP messaging
  • Unlimited general support
  • 7.5 GB Cloud disk space
  • All optional add-ons
Bronze Account
  • Free 60-day demo (500MB HDD)
  • Unlimited billing
  • Unlimited CDR/SMDR formats
  • Unlimited CDR/SMDR sources
  • Unlimited contacts
  • Unlimited SMTP messaging
  • Unlimited general support
  • 5 GB Cloud disk space
  • All optional add-ons
TeleFactura Desktop
  • Free 60-day demo (500MB HDD)
  • Unlimited billing
  • Unlimited CDR/SMDR formats
  • Unlimited CDR/SMDR sources
  • Unlimited contacts
  • Unlimited SMTP messaging
  • Unlimited general support
  • Cloud disk space
  • All optional add-ons

Main Features
of TelecomBilling.Net

TelecomBilling.Net offers many unique features that will greatly help you get a full handle on every aspects of your daily activity.
From unique add-ons to support for various database systems, below is a short list of just some of the unique features we offer:

  • Choice of Cloud portal or Desktop app
  • Bill any voice, data or service (WLR) CDR/SMDR
  • Bill anything not just Telecom CDR/SMDRs
  • Extensive financial and data reporting
  • Unlimited SMTP messaging
  • Attractive modern user interface
  • Unique software add-ons (Xero,...)
  • Support for SEPA
  • Support for MySQL, MsSQL (coming soon)
  • Free limited Web development for all
  • Full general support for all
  • Guaranteed 99.9% uptime

Make the support we offer
part of your business

We understand how important quality and timely support can be. We pride ourselves in being by your side whenever you require prompt support for any aspect of our services. We are available online or by phone during UK business hours, 12/7 by email and aim to fix any issue promptly.

% of issues fixed in 12 hours or less (past 3 months)
GB of CDR data rated in past 3 months
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Our support

Tap into our close
Customer support for all


Online Support for all Chat, talk or write to us

We work in close unison with our valued customers to ensure they get the most out of our products and services.


Discover more
about TelecomBilling.Net

See what our customers say about our Telecom and ISP CDR/SMDR billing software

Telekomm Solutions, UK

We recently purchased Dynasoft's Telecom CDR billing software system. I recommend using their support and training services in order to understand the full workings of the system. Their system has all the billing requirements we need and works very well. We are happy with the product.

Johnathan J., ITKeptSimple, UK

I wish to let everyone know how extremely happy we are with Dynasoft's Telecom CDR billing software system. Dynasoft have been so helpful and have given pointers, hints and tips along the way. I'm sure this will be a long-standing relationship between IT Kept Simple and Dynasoft. After looking at other billing platforms, we can honestly say their system does more and is bundled into a very professional looking software.

CommSys, Australia

We decided to move most of our customer base to Dynasoft’s Telecom billing solution. Because of Dynasoft’s proactive approach and commitment to deliver, CommSys has built up enormous confidence in Dynasoft, and their capabilities. Let me assure anyone that CommSys spent considerable time evaluating a number of billing system products available, and Dynasoft continually came out on top.

Incontro, Italy

Can I congratulate Dynasoft for creating such a comprehensive Telecom billing solution. The product has obviously been carefully and thoughtfully designed and the functionality is very impressive.

Jason B., Wanna, NZ

Your system has been rock solid: Everything has been going perfect over recent months with it.

Vaughn P., NZ

We are very happy with Dynasoft's software. It is doing all that we need at present and is reasonably easy to administer.

Serge G., Libre Internet, Canada

Dynasoft has always been there when we needed them: we needed SAGE development, they delivered; we needed some advice with understanding some of the system’s features, they replied back; we asked for changes to be made in the software, they attended us.

John Andrews, UK

I recently purchased this system from Dynasoft and I am pleased with it. The system can be hard to understand for a novice but if you have worked in the Telecom industry, their software has most of the functionality you will ever need. You definitely need to take all the support and training they provide as this will help implement it quickly.

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