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TeleFactura Desktop

£79.00 / Month


Full access to TeleFactura, our popular Windows desktop version of our Telecom billing Cloud-based portal (Monthly).

Full access means:

  • Manage as many number of customers, distributors and suppliers as you need
  • No limit on the number of CDR formats
  • Load as many price lists/rate cards as required
  • Rate and bill as many CDRs as you need
  • Create any number of service charges
  • Use the messaging feature to send as many emails as you need, and
  • Send us as many general support requests as you require

No limitation.

As a customer, you will also be able to tap into free limited software development should you have a need for a modification, you will always have access to your system as it is installed on your network, you will access to the source files for the invoice and reporting templates and ensure you comply with your local Data Protection laws as the system can be installed on a local computer or on a VPS server online.

For more products and services set around TeleFactura, please visit our parent website.

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