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Why go for Dynasoft TelecomBilling.Net or TeleFactura?

  • Low cost: Cost starts from only GBP79 (USD99 – EUR89) a month for our full range of billing applications if you choose to go for our Web portal (TelecomBilling.Net) or Desktop option (TeleFactura).
  • Unlimited billing: Unlimited billing for life for all areas of our solution, whether in terms of CDRs, customers, subscriptions,…
  • Local support: Local support through extensive network of resellers world-wide.
  • Unlimited support and free software development: Unlimited general support as standard which covers support of our systems, not just on our own servers but also on your systems together with uniquely free limited software development.
  • Own language added free of charge: Our system already supports English, French, Spanish, German and Italian. Your own language can be supported with our annual support service.
  • Maximum flexibility and convergence: Bill anything from subscriptions, voice calls, data services, recurrent services whether based on text files, in any database and on any web page or webhook. Our CDR Telecom Web and desktop convergent billing system is able to bill 99% of CDR formats out there as standard. Virtually everything can be customised giving you full access to your database, source of Web files for the Web Access, invoice and reporting template files.
  • Full ownership of your data, data-protection and security guaranteed: Choose the stand-alone Desktop version of our portal called Dynasoft TeleFactura if you wish to host your system locally and you will have complete ownership of your data, remaining compliant with any local data protection laws. Alternatively, we are open to hosting TelecomBilling.Net in your country via a local Web hosting provider. Enquire with us for more and to review available options.
  • Unique portal add-ons: Integration of third party applications is our strong point. Both TelecomBilling.Net and TeleFactura are the only Telecom billing solution that are fully integrated with Sage 50 Accounts Canada and UK and Xero.
  • Get things done fast and easily: Process speed is up to 9,000,000 CDRs an hour and activation of your account only takes a minute. Your customers and resellers have access to their own Web portal both with TeleFactura.
  • Over twenty years’ experience: We can help you derive the benefits of our considerable experience in the Telecom billing market in over 40 countries.
  • Full line of bureau and SaaS services: Looking to limit your initial outlay? Enquire with us about our bureau and SaaS services

Earn revenue with every referral

If you are looking to earn revenue without maintaining an ongoing customer relationship then our Commission Programme gives you 15% commission on every TeleFactura or TelecomBilling.Net monthly fee. Commissions are paid every quarter straight into your account. This can represent potentially earnings of GBP/USD100’s. Write to us for more.

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