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Terms and Conditions

Telecom CDR Radius SEPA billing system

Terms and Conditions

Ownership of equipment

Dynasoft Ltd reserves the right to withhold any goods that appear in packing slips and invoices until full payment has been received satisfactorily from the customer.


All prices given in currencies other than GBP vary with the day’s exchange rate and are given as additional information only.
All prices are subject to change without prior notification.
All prices published on our website are for new customers only. Existing customers need to enquire with us to reconfirm their prices.
Unless specifically stated, all prices quoted are for Dynasoft’s own products and services only. This means that all prices quoted and offers provided do not include elements such as software licences, installation and/or support of any third party product and service that might be required in order to deliver a final product.
More information about our rates can be found in our FAQ section.


All payments are due before delivery or at the latest, at the date specified on the invoice. If no dates are specified, payment is due 15 days after the due date on the said invoice. Failure to settle the invoice by the due date shall result in its amount being increased without prior notice of default, by interest at the legal rate plus five points. Additionally, without prejudice to the aforementioned interest Dynasoft shall be entitled, without prior notice of default, to increase the amount of the invoice by 20% with a minimum of GBP24, by application of the Jersey Commerce Code in order to cover unforeseen administrative expenses. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Dynasoft’s right to claim full compensation for the damages actually suffered shall not be precluded. All costs, such as bank charges, posting, or transport costs that might arise will be borne solely by the customer.

Commissions on sales

Commissions of 15% are given on the sale of our software licences. This excludes any services such as training, installation and support as these can be given by the reseller him/herself. Commissions are given if a sale is closed by the reseller within a reasonable time scale of a few days to one or two weeks maximum. Past that period percentage commission is 10%. Commissions are given for a period of 18 months. Commissions can be redeemed against purchases of our products and services only.

Software licences

Unless specifically included in the invoice, all computer equipment sold by Dynasoft Ltd does not include any software licences and, under no circumstances, will it be sold with any unlicensed software. Dynasoft Ltd will decline any responsibility that could arise should the customer load any unlicensed software after the equipment is sold to him.

Warranties and repairs

Products sold by Dynasoft Ltd all carry a warranty starting with the date that appears on the invoice. Warranties vary depending upon the product sold. We reserve the right to change the length and breadth of all warranties at all times.
Warranties will be void if we feel that the items have been subject to tampering, wrong usage or unwarranted repair by the buyer or any third parties. This will also hold true should stickers identifying the part and serial numbers of the items sold or any such medium of identification have been removed. No claims will be received in any such case.

Delivery of goods performed labour sheet

In the case of goods, all deliveries will be subject to the acceptance and signing of a delivery note. After such deliveries, the buyer will have to make sure that all items bought have been included in the shipment and that they are in good working order. If after 3 days after delivery has taken place, the buyer does not make known to us that some items are missing or have arrived faulty, we will consider that all items have been received correctly and will be wholly discharged of any claim that might arise in relation to the sale, short of issues that relate to the normal warranty offered on the goods. The effective date of the said delivery will always be taken to be the date that appears on the delivery note or the installation note duly signed by the customer.
In the case of services provided and any possible labour costs associated with such services, a labour sheet will be submitted to the customer for signing by him and all sums will be deemed as owed once the invoice has been issued. The invoice will always make a reference to the delivery note and/or the labour sheet.


Only cash payments for goods purchased will attract a complete refund. Refunds for payments done through a credit card or a bank transfer will only be partial in that Dynasoft incurs charges that the buyer will have to support if he wishes to claim a refund. These charges are 6% of the initial amount paid. Please note that refunds for the sale of our software products, Dynasoft TeleBilling.net and Dynasoft TeleFactura are not possible as we make available to our valued users various types of support material and software demos that give a good idea of the quality and adequacy of our programme.

Special offers

Special offer are not cumulative and are strictly limited to the period of validity set out in them. To be able to benefit from them payment has to be received within this time-frame. Offers cannot be transferred or exchanged for cash. Discounts are normally given for cash purchases unless otherwise stated. Special terms like delayed payments or payments through instalments normally do not include any special discount.

Credit card payment processing fees

In order to cover the costs associated with processing payments via by credit cards or online payment services such as Paypal, the following fees have been established. Unless stated otherwise in the invoice, these fees need to be added to the amount of any payment made to Dynasoft.
Payment is done as part of a special offer that Dynasoft has granted to the customer: 4%.
Payment is not done as part of a special offer: 3%.

Commercial offers

Unless otherwise stated terms and conditions for commercial offers are the following:

Offers have a validity of 15 days from the date of our email message or fax document.
All prices and items that make up offers given to customers/clients cannot be taken individually and are only valid for the said offer.
Payment terms for all our standard services such as training, installation, … are 100% of monies to be paid up-front.
Payment terms for any development work is are 75% of monies to be paid in advance and balance 7 business days after delivery of work.
Unless previously agreed, all bank charges, payment or transfer fees for the purchase of any of our goods are normally covered by the customer.

Dynasoft software support SLA

We provide a link that details the general terms of our Cloud services here.

Dynasoft Telefactura and TelecomBilling.Net

The support services need to be taken out for any software development to be performed by Dynasoft.
To minimize the administrative work involved with collecting the service fees, the following penalties apply:
First late payment: three reminders are sent by email. The service will be deactivated after typically 3 or 4 days following the date when a fee was due and after the third reminder has been sent. After this grace period, a reactivation fee of GBP24 will be due for payment before the service can be activated again. If you have a Virtual Private Server with us, please note this server will be removed and all data wiped clean from it. A new installation fee for the server and your programme will have to be remitted in order for us to reinstall your server and programmes.
Second late payment: an advanced payment of 6 months equivalent to the last fee paid is required before the service is activated again.

The reactivation fee is not due when a new licence is activated.
We require 30 days’ notice in order to modify how an account is billed, cancel it or put an account on hold.
Our general support does not include any dedicated support.
Our support, training and installation services do not include any work on configuring, importing or migrating data from a previous system to TeleFactura or TelecomBilling.Net. As this type of work can vary in the length of time it takes, it will be billed separately.
Link to our standard support service SLA for TelecomBilling.Net here.
Link to our standard support service SLA for TeleFactura here.


The conditions shall be subject to Jersey law. As regards possible litigation between the parties, the Courts of Jersey shall have exclusive jurisdiction.

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